11 Year Old Pitcher - Please review my mechanics

My son is 11 and we would like to have his mechanics critiqued. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you.

I am not a professional pitching coach

Looks pretty darn good to me. The two things I’d work on is more drive toward the target with the left shoulder, left hand and left leg. It doesn’t look like he’s striding as far or strong as he could. And the second thing would be to really focus on snap and follow through. It looks like he holds back or cuts off the follow through on a couple of the pitches.

those are defiantly some good mechanics/ but i think your son should be striding more. most pitchers have a stride about 60-80% of their height.
tim lincecums is 129% though which is insane. make sure to follow through all the way

Work on increasing the stride little by little, Lincecum is a phenom at 120%+ but I always think the closer to the plate you are the better.