11 Year Old Needs Mechanics Advise .. Thanks

My 11 Year Old Needs Mechanics Advise. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


he looks like after he throws he pulls back instead of following through.

I see a few things, at least I think I do. :wink:

  1. He looks a little off balance i.e., he seems to lean back towards first but that’s a little difficult to determine because the camera angle is taken from the third base side. Pause at 3 seconds and see if you see the same thing. Looks like he fights to get back into balance. Also note the back leg flex…he may want to stand a bit taller.

  2. He appears to break his hands a bit too early. He looks a bit rushed and out of rhythm.

  3. Maybe opening his front shoulder too soon which is indicative of being out of balance and rhythm.

With said, looks like you have a lot to work with and just a few minor adjustments. Can you tell us where the majority of his pitches end up?

The first thing I would focus on is eliminating all the head movement. He appears to have a postural issue whereby he leans toward 2B. He probably lacks the core strength to recover from that effectively without a lot of postural instability and this will lead to control problems. Try to get him to move his head only toward the target. He can start with his knees bent a bit if that helps him stabilize his posture better.

I would also have him use a bit more tempo and try to stride with his front foot closed off longer. Currently, he appears to immediately open up the front leg and and reach with the front foot. Eventually, he will want to lead with his front hip through the early part of his stride. But that will also take more core strength.