11 year old looking for feedback

My son turned 11 last month. He pitched his best game on 11 DEC, a complete 6-innings game, 3 runs, 77 pitches. His fast ball that day was ~66-68 MPH (calculated distance/time) including in the 6th inning.

In the past some of you have commented that he needed to get his hip moving to home earlier. He seems to be doing that now.

What do you see that he can do to improve AND consistenly keep the ball down?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCfm8_gX_1A (1080 P)

He looks really smooth on his delivery, I would hesitate to add any comments about his mechanics until you can give a closer look at him off the bump, too far away to see really well here at all.

He doesn’t look big for his age; at least, not standing next to #12. If he’s throwing 66 - 68 at his size he’s doing awesome.

Here’s a the 6th inning each pitch regular speed, slow motion and slow motion zoom. Video quality goes down in zoom.

Actual close-up video" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I7g6_KNgSg

Looks really solid, nice form and balance. I think he could work a little on glove side mechanics keeping the glove from ending up at his waist or below. In your “Closer up pitching” video look at about :30 seconds you will notice it way down instead on using it to pull the torso to the glove. His stride is really super for his height. One other comment is that he might want to get an infielders glove to pitch with, that glove is enormous…looks to be 1-2 inches too big. My 15u kid pitches with a 11.5" also plays 3rd with it, the glove looks to be an outfielder glove for his size.

Thanks. He takes pitching very seriously. Never wants to give up an ER. I agree that his glove side needs work. I am concerned that he’ll get his glove trapped by his pitching arm while a line drive is coming back at him. I see him crossing his pitching arm over his glove too often.

I’ll check out the glove too. Thanks.

Sometimes he breaks his hands high and comes almost straight back with his PA hand and then his arm stalls at the top. When he does that he becomes inconsistent with the ball height accross the plate, normally high. Are there any good drills to build right hand break and a longer arm circle?