11 year old lefty

My son is a left handed pitcher and is struggling with control

I have noticed that when he pitches he lands on his heel.

Any way to get him out of this?

Also, what type of throwing program should he be on?

I do not have any experience working with pitchers so I am at a loss.

I would not worry about him landing on his heel. Many coaches teach landing on the ball of the foot or even flat footed. But the fact is, a couple hundredths of a second after he lands on his heel, the rest of the foot comes down so it’s really not an issue.

Now, if you think he is keeping his weight back too much (which could magnify the landing on the heel), then that is a separate issue. He needs to get his hips going and get into foot strike quicker.

He seems to be stiff legged while doing this, If I could figure out how to post a picture I would.

Does he miss consistently to one spot (up and in, outside, etc.) or is he all over the place?

He generally misses low and away. when he is “on” he is almost unhittable, but then he just basically looses it and cannot find it. Alot of people have watched him and said that it is his mechanics, and the only thing I can see is in his landing foot.

Sounds like my son (who’s also 11).

Since your son consistently misses to the same place, I don’t think the problem is mechanical. With my son, when he’s missing low and away the problem is generally mental.

First, he’s looking at the batter rather than the glove (which is why he misses away). Second, he is worried about the batter hitting a come-backer at him.

Have you talked to him about whether he is afraid of come-backers? That could make him a little tentative and over-cautious.

I just email you a couple of pictures of him. One is when he was"on" the other was when wasn;t

I just email you a couple of pictures of him. One is when he was"on" the other was when wasn;t[/quote]

Which is which?

I see how he really lands on his heel. However, otherwise his mechanics look pretty standard.

It’s really hard to see much without video.