11 year old is inaccurate


My 11 year old son has really struggled his entire baseball career with throwing the ball. He’s 5’0 and 85 pounds and has been playing baseball for 5 years now. He’s never anywhere close with throwing the ball, and just barely can throw 45 feet on a crow hop. Because of this, he’s been really unmotivated. He also really struggles with hitting, but that’s another story. He did break his throwing arm elbow 2 years ago and it didn’t heal properly and has a strange hyperextension of his arm when he throws. I’ve brought him to all the programs, practiced with him regularly, and follow what his coaches say, but he just can’t throw. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Could you post video of him trying to throw?


Yes, as cursed.legend says, post videos. One from each side and one from the back would be good.


Honestly, the best program would be to just play some catch every day. No set time, no set distance – just play catch. It sounds like he simply just needs more reps in a positive and supportive atmosphere with no pressures from a coach or teammates, etc. Just get out there and throw.