11 Year Old Help Needed



Any advice on improving my son’s mechanics would be greatly appreciated. Please don’t hold back, he really wants to improve.






QuickTime format is great because you can easily step forward or backward frame by frame. But the frame rate here seems really course and I’m not sure if what I think I’m seeing is really happening.

But, what it looks like is that your son’s hips and shoulders are rotating together instead of hips before shoulders. Shoulders appear to be rotating early due possibly to one or both of the following things. First, it looks like your son gets his head and shoulders out front too far or too soon. Second, it looks like your son lets his glove swing out to the side.

For the posture issue, you can try to get him to keep head and spine behind the front hip into foot plant or you can get him to start his hips forward sooner and faster.

For the glove issue, get him to turn it over as the shoulders rotate and stabilize it in front of his torso.


Thanks for the great advice Roger. I’ll have him make those corrections and then post better quality video later this week.

Thanks again