11 Year old cutter

My son has been throwing this pitch in games. He uses grip and finger pressure, and tries to throw it like his fastball.

This is one for a strike:

And this would be one in the dirt to get a swinging strike (I didn’t do a very good job catching it):

I just wanted to video it to see how it moves, since it’s been extremely effective as a strike out pitch…he throws hard, and kids have a difficult time adjusting to it. Unfortunately, this pitch also results in a good bit of dropped third strikes, when he throws the second one (down and away).

Like to get an idea of his grip, what does the movement on his fastball look like?

Crud, I videoed some fastballs too, but deleted them from my camera. It probably would have been useful to post so you can see the difference in movement

His fastball is normally a straight four seamer. Not much movement but good velocity (low 60s). That speed can occasionally be overpowering at this age, but good travel teams can definitely handle it, so I like to arm him with a pitch that looks like his fastball but has good movement to keep batters on their toes. He also has a changeup.

The most telling thing to me about the movement is in our last game the opposing coach told his batters to “stop swinging at the fastball in the dirt” (their batters were constantly swinging and missing on the down and away cutter), and they eventually started trying to bunt instead of swinging away. The home plate umpire also came over to us and said it was “one of the nastiest pitches he’d seen.”

For what I see from this pitch it moves like a 2 seamer. A true cutter is definately going to need more velocity and distance to have true cutter action.

If he’s doing so well with that cutter, by all means let him stick with it. His catcher needs to become more adept at blocking balls in the dirt, because the cutter will often behave like a splitter. And it wouldn’t hurt if he could add a changeup to his repertoire—there are so many to pick and choose from. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.
It’s hard to see the break on the video, but one of our coaches, who caught in the minors, was catching him and said the movement was a lot like a good slider (moved sharply down and away).