11 Year Old Accuracy Help With Video

Can anyone help with my accuracy and maybe velocity? I am an ambidextrous pitcher and I have trouble throwing into targets but not to a person. For tryouts you would have to throw to a target. Here is the link.

It looks like I am lobbing it left handed but I am not.

hey buddy, it looks like youre experiencing the same dilema i used to. My advice is to choose which hand you want to throw with and stick with it for the rest of your baseball career. People that were ambi dextrous always fascinated me and here’s what i learned.

To me, your video indicates that your flying open and yes, your problem with control and velocity will be fixed. Here’s what i learned, it’s easier to “stay closed” if you have a heavy enough glove side. It looks like the glove you’re using is a little bit too light, so you might want to ask your parents or save up for a more adult oriented glove. I always had to use the cheapest gear available to me lol

Thanks. Can anyone else help me and what do you mean by “closed hips”?

I actually think you look a lot better from the left side. You’re doing a much better job of striding towards your target and you are finishing out over your front foot much better from that side. You also do a pretty good job with your glove side as well - keeping it from flying off to the side like it does when you throw from the right. You are flying open a little early. And what that means is that your shoulders and hips are starting to rotate to face your target a little too early. Make sure that after your foot touches down from your stride that you start rotating your hips first and then you can rotate your shoulders and drive forward with your upper body.

Work on that and get some more video up so that we can see how you are doing. If you are persistant about pitching from both sides then watch the videos you posted and make your right side mimic your left. Watch yourself in a full length mirror. That is great way to let you see what you’re really doing as opposed to what your mind thinks you’re doing. You would be surprised as to how many times those two don’t match up :slight_smile:

I would suggest that you do a little less pitching (in practice) and more playing catch, while you play catch throw though the other player, not to him. Right now you look as though you are trying to get the ball to the target and not through the target. This will help you develop much better accuracy, velocity and baseball feel.

Hey, buwhite, that’s exactly what I used to do when my catcher and I would play “ball and strike”—I would throw through the mitt, not just at it. Best way I know of to work on control, accuracy, command, what have you—I would get a catcher, and we would go to an unused playing field, and I would take the mound while he set up behind the plate, and we would go at it for an hour at a time, two or three times a week. I did this with all my pitches, at different speeds, and because I was a sidearmer I did it with the crossfire. I wasn’t what you would call fawst, but even so, the catcher had to stick a piece of sponge rubber in his mitt to take up the shock of the pitches—we didn’t use any “koosh” balls, believe me! 8)

I agree with a couple of things already mentioned.

  First, you do look alot better from the left side. I would concentrate on sticking with that side for now. if your set on using both sides, master the left first. It appears that you're more comfortable from the left.
 Second,  really feel that you need to concentrate more on playing catch and just throwing than pitching in practice. you need to develop the ability to throw the ball through the catcher.
 In my honest opinion you throwing to a target at this point is not productive. you need to throw to a live catcher. The target may stop you from "just throwing" and keep you in the mindset of aiming the ball.

I went through the same aiming issue with my son. Once he learned to throw through the catcher, he was able to move on to throw through the mitt and locate pitches.
Ironically he was around 11 at the time. Just a side note, he is now 15, a freshman in HS and will be starting for his HS varsity team this spring. A lot of his success is based on him learning this skill and working hard.

Since you are 11, playing a little game while you play catch would be good for you. While you play catch work on accuracy by counting points with your partner. If you throw the ball and the ball is thrown at your partners face, count that for 2 points, if you throw the ball at the torso, then count that for 1 point. Whoever reaches 10 first wins, easy to play no matter who is playing catch with you, works on accuracy as well as some competition.

I haven’t been able to beat my kid since he was 12…really sucks for me!

I guess this is covered on some of the other posts:

“open” means turned to be facing forwards, towards the batter. “closed” means turned sideways… towards 3rd base for a righty.

I don’t know much about pitching, but I would change a lot of things:

  1. no windup until you get all the parts working together well
  2. much smaller leg kick
  3. I would get an equal-and-opposite “pendulum swing” hand break action going. Get that glove hand out front pointing at the target!
  4. Always think smooth and fluid…

I don’t think you need a heavier glove!

I think I’m losing accuracy when I bend my knee left handed. This is a new habit that I cannot seem to stop. Can anyone please help?

[quote]I think I’m losing accuracy when I bend my knee left handed. This is a new habit that I cannot seem to stop. Can anyone please help?

You really need to work on just throwing a ball through a target first. Once you’re comfortable with that, start to develop more solid mechanics that will increase velocity and accuracy. In my opinion, from only your videos, at this point in your development, nitpicking specifics such as a bent knee is counterproductive.

You posted videos and asked for advice. Solid advice was given. Do yourself a favor and work on these things first. Try and post more videos as you progress, and let us know how you’re doing.

Maybe you have taken our advice and thrown a lot since early October, we really need to see another video to see how you are doing today.