11 year elevating elbow, cupping ball


First time on LTP. My 11 year old lefty pitcher has been pitching for a couple years now. Last year he was flying open and throwing side-arm. This year he can’t seem to stop cupping the ball and lifting elbow well above his shoulder. He has had an abundance of instruction but we can’t seem to stop this initial movement. The action is exacerbated when he tries to bear down and throw hard. Any ideas to get him to keep his elbow more in line w his shoulder and just being the ball to approx. 90 degrees prior to initiating his throwing motion? I see you have a video analysis section on here. Maybe someone can take a look?

Here is a video of him. Not sure how to upload it here. https://youtu.be/XPK_-g42S38


Is he throwing strikes? If he is leave him alone. No reason to of Coach him. All I can see is he’s not getting enough shoulder and hip seperation. Meaning he’s not rotating around his spine and his back hip isn’t pulling his arm through, the shoulders and hips are rotating together. When he’s able to get good hip and shoulder seperation and his back hip is driving through everything else will fall in place. Start look at the feet up, is he leading with the bottom of his front foot and landing on the ball of his foot crating a stable foundation to land on?


I don’t see a huge problem in his arm action, elbow above shoulder are dangerous especially if the hand is below the elbow when that occurs. Your pitcher needs to bring those legs together though. Look at where his hips are before leg lift then where they are at the top of his leg lift. They should be there to begin with and thats by bringing the legs closer together before leg lift. I remember a clip from sandy koufax that would show just how much he can actually bring them together check 4th and 5th clip https://youtu.be/wDgMXFBHLP0


Thank you for taking the time to check out my son’s mechanics. Yes, he throws strikes…sometimes too many! I will try to lay off his arm mechanics and work on his stride and push off to improve his velocity. I will slowly try to get him to get the ball back farther to create more whip. I am sure he will grow out of some of these idiosyncrasies over time.


Points to work on

Goes back before he goes forward. His front side (direction) is far to forward as the start of his wind up.
He starts his motion like he is doing the “Rocker Drill” - far to open in my opinion.
No hip shift forward to the plate (no drive off the back side)
Front hand far behind his front foot during separation. Teach him to “conduct an orchestra” on separation to get his hands moving properly.
Front side glove/hand stay REALLY low. Never does the front elbow remotely get to a position in which it is pointing at the target (catcher)
NO STRIDE — He has none. Leaves him way to “narrow” even for a pendulum pitching motion.
He does not pull himself to his glove or pull his glove towards his chest - it stays at his belt the entire time.
He never really pulls his body down on finish.

He is always going to “fly open” because nothing in his front side is direction is going towards the plate.

From the base up he needs to be rebuilt. Pitching is all about the legs and core. The arm should just follow where those are taking it.


Of course a. Bunch of thibgs do need to be taken care of but don’t go crazy coaching on your kid, what you really need right now is to make him start to get the hips involved. When the thing becomes natural move on to something else as too much at once tend to kill the fun and we definitely don’t want that for a 12 yo