11 y/o video....please review and comment

I moving this up so I will get some responses. Thanks.

A few suggestions:

  1. For now, work entirely out of the stretch - make it simpler, less moving parts.

  2. Notice his back foot - see how his foot/ankle keep moving? He needs to gain more strength/stability on that back leg/foot. From the stretch, he needs to shift his weight back onto his back leg before he starts to move toward the plate.

  3. If he wants to lift his leg, have him lift the knee just to waist level - you may want him to practice even without a leg lift; make it simple.

  4. The very first move toward the plate once his leg gets to waist level is for his hips to glide forward - you can actually stand behind him and push on his rear hip so he gets the feeling of his hips leading to the plate. The point is, he can’t just lift up his leg, put it down and then reach with his front leg. He needs to generate momentum by sliding the hips forward as early in the delivery as possible.

Work on these things first - starting with the weight shifted entirely over the rubber and keeping the entire back foot rooted to the ground; and then leading with the hips.

Good luck!

I think he looks really great, there are some really positive area such as:

  1. very nice balance on the post, he comes to a great balanced position, left foot toe down, head on target, body in a great position.

  2. good drive toward home

  3. good glove side reaching out to home

  4. very nice arm action down over the left knee

  5. good deceleration of the arm through bringing the right leg off the rubber and in a circular motion.

Things he could work on:

  1. once in the post he could work on more drive to home, this could be worked on through the hersheiser drill or other methods, I wouldn’t suggest pushing during the action, it doesn’t create an action that is from his own body mechanics.

  2. Glove side needs to pull to his body more so that throwing the ball isn’t just from the right arm but also from pulling the ball to home more.

  3. Getting the back flat by both reaching the pitching arm down over the left leg as well as getting the right leg a bit higher to get proper body mechanics

  4. after the pitch I would be a little concerned about him getting into a better “athletic” position in order to field his position, getting his foot higher after the foot strike may be able to keep his balance better and keep him from getting way out in front of his plant foot.

My comments…

First video:

(1) His starting position is too upright. Would like to see a more athletic position - knees and waist bent a tiny bit. He should look like he’s about to do something athletic (because he is).

(2) He is late in getting his center of gravity moving forward. He doesn’t start forward until well after peak of knee lift. Maybe shoot for moving forward at peak of knee lift. Use the Hershiser drill to help make this adjustment.

(3) His head and shoulders get too far forward during his stride. He needs to keep the head and shoulders slightly behind the front hip into foot plant. Push the hips out first, then let everything else follow. But do not lean the head and shoulders back towards 2B.

Second video:

Not sure what the purpose of the drill is but consider these points:

(1) Starting arm position in the drill is not a position he uses when he pitches (as shown in first video). Are you trying to change his arm slot or path? If you are, don’t.

(2) His starting feet position is too wide. It causes him to have to shift his weight back towards 2B to go into knee lift which gets him moving back to go forward and makes him slower to the plate.

(3) This drill as it is being performed really is teaching him to be late to move forward partly due to (2).

2) Glove side needs to pull to his body more so that throwing the ball isn’t just from the right arm but also from pulling the ball to home more.[/quote]
Pulling the glove usually results in early shoulder rotation which will prevent a pitcher from maximizing hip and shoulder separation and, therefore, velocity. I strongly recommend not pulling the glove. Instead, stabilize the glove out front and bring the chest towards the glove.

How a pitcher finishes depends largely on earlier elements of his delivery. It’s also something that differs from pitcher to pitcher. And the path or “slot” the back foot comes around in usually mimics the arm slot. As you make adjustments to things that happen earlier in the delivery, what happens at the end of the delivery will change accordingly. So use the end of the delivery as an indicator of what happened earlier but work on the earlier stuff.

overall very nice pitching mechanics!!!

[size=24]keep it up[/size], i will like to see more videos when you grow up and post another video please :>

Thanks for all the help guys. He is pitching this weekend and I will put some more vids up this weekend so you can see him in a game.

Don,t take this wrong, Ive read some your post he throws alot of strikes right. I think he has good balance for his age. i would quit critiquing every pitch, let him have some fun. I have a 12 yr old we started off the yr trying to build some velocity in games , bigger leg kick , more scap load didnt work just kinda jacked him up and lost control. having a throw in the yard became less fun. thanks to buwhite i have relaxed a little on throwing hard i have decided to give him a couple yrs to get throwing hard . he is faster then average, which is good because physically he is more immature then most kids in the league plus he plays up a year so i am figuring if he is faster then most pitchers that are basically a year older then him he has got some time to work on speed. we are working on movemnt now and change of velocity on his fastball and location. working on better control of the curve. i think he looks great for that age hes got good balance , at that age i think balance is key

Good advice. If he’s throwing strikes, let him enjoy the game. After the season work on a few things if need be. Otherwise, enjoy the ride. :slight_smile:

My son (11U) was doing a 40 pitch bullpen session today. About 10 pitches into BP he says, “dad, the change isn’t working. Can I just throw the FB.” He needs to work on the change, since there’s only one or two kids at his level who can get around on the FB. So he throws FBs, which he has no problems with. Every so often he would mix in a knuckle-curve that would move down and out. Iti was a wicked pitch. We laughed about each one. For him, pitching is all about feeling.

Well, it’s hard to have fun when he can’t get anyone out. He came in a relief situation this weekend and it didn’t go well. He gave up 4 runs and didn’t get any outs. Only threw 12 pitches and gave up 4 hits. He was very down.

command , pin point control is very important

what i will say at this level is,

sometimes no matter how accurate you are, they still can hit it very well because its not 88 mph

3 gsmes ago my som pitched 5.1 9 strike outs no walks. 2 nites ago 5 batters didnt make it through the 1 inning on a much weaker team. youngest kid on the team pitched more innings then any of our pitchers a year older he must be doing something right i find i trying not to let him get to up on a good game or 2 down on a bad game. stick to the process not the outcome. i sound like a preacher but it is actually i am just a new convert to that idea it makes for more fun i am finding he is 11 i think he looks good