11 and 12 year olf pitching help?!?!?!?

First year coach of 11 and 12 year olds and NOT one kid has pitched before. $ of them have the arm strength to pitch but no mechanics. I played baseball my whole life and I can t seem to get them to pitch strikes, especially when theres a batter in the box. i know alot of it is confidence, but I need some starter pointers to get them on the right track. thanks in advance,

Posture and balance is the foundation of a good, repeatable delivery. Watch their heads for inapropriate movement left/right, back towards 2B or up/down (recognizing that a certain amount of “drop” over the course of the stride is normal). Try to get your pitchers to eliminate such unwanted movement.

Pay particular attention to their starting position on the rubber. If they start in the stretch position, make sure their feet are no more than armpit width apart with back foot toe aligned with front foot arch. Also consider putting some bend in the knees and waist (i.e. put them in an athletic position) - how much will depend on each pitcher. Tall skinny kids may need to be scrunched down more than others to lower their center of gravity and help them stabilize their posture as they move down the hill.

Also watch their glove. Dropping it, pulling it back or flying open (swinging out to the side) can affect posture (as well as other things).

These things will help the kids start to develop some consistency which should translate into consistency at the plate.

Start in the stretch, feet shoulder width apart. Swing the front leg back until it crosses the post leg , then swing the same leg forward and plant the foot with the toes pointing to th catcher. It’s all one motion. . Do it 5-20 times, no arms involved, only legs. Then get a ball in throw it in rhythm.