11.50" Glove Too Small For HS Freshman?



My son is a freshman pitcher in high school and just lost his pitching glove. :angry: His pitching glove was a Wilson A2000 that came out a few years ago for teens - identical to the regular A2000 except for a narrower pocket to accommodate the narrower palms of teens. Great $200 glove, and now it’s gone. :angry: Concerned that we don’t have time to break in another A2000 (they have really firm leather), we are looking at a Rawlings “Heart of the Hide” pitching glove that is supposedly 75% broken-in at the factory. QUESTION: My son is just shy of 6 feet tall and around 170 lbs. Do you think the 11.50" size is too small? Should we go with the 11.75" size? His old A2000 was small so I don’t want to make too much of a jump in size.



Glove size is a personal preference (IMO). My son’s a HS Senior & still prefers an 11.5. That being said choices for pitching gloves are more limited at 11.5, most pitchers seem to prefer 12’. My son has an A2000 Trap web which are pretty easy to find. Also has a Rawlings Pro Preferred Jake Peavy which is a really nice 11.5 closed web. I’ve purchase a A2000 & A2K, both 12’ ASO models in an attempt to get him to use a larger glove. Sold both because he like an 11.5. I’ve bought all the gloves on eBay. Sometimes new and sometimes lightly used but always at a substantially lower price I could find anywhere else. He looked at some Heart of the Hides but didn’t like because they were heavier. Can normally find a pro preferred on eBay for about same as retail price of HOH.


The HOH that is 70% factory break in is the dual -core featherlight leather, which will not last nearly as long as the traditional HOH leather. It will break in very fast, and then get floppy pretty quickly.

I second the idea to go to eBay. Could get a gently used A2000 or HOH for $100-150.


Thanks for the replies, guys! Sounds like 11.50" is not too small. I’ll head to eBay and see what they have in that size!


If he’s comfortable with an 11.75 the A2000 Clayton Kershaw model is a good looking closed web glove. It’s one we considered at one time. Unfortunately Wilson is very limited (only older models) with an 11.5 & closed web. I do believe Rawlings has some 11.5 HOH and Pro Preferred.


My son had the same glove…the Wilson A2000 prospect series. They did replace them with the A1K line if he likes the fit of the glove…Pedrioa fit…tighter across the palm. They are a little cheaper than the A2000s. I was worried about my sons glove blowing out because he was on his 4th season but he didn’t want another glove. I found another prospect series on eBay in lightly used shape for $75 bucks. Good luck.


Yes, the Clayton Kerhsaw A2000 is a very nice glove. They have it at Dick’s so we’ll have to go see if the larger size is OK with him. He pitched in a game this past week borrowing a friend’s larger glove and he was a little wild. Perhaps the larger size/weight affected his mechanics? Or all in his head? :slight_smile:


Yes, tighter across the palm. Great idea from Wilson for that adolescent transition period. Are you sure it was called the “prospect series”? I found a “prospect series” in Mizuno, but not in Wilson. ???


UPDATE: I think this is the new version of my son’s Wilson A2000 11.5" “tighter across the palm” glove. Unfortunately, it does not appear to come with a closed web, like my son’s glove did.


Pedroia fit gloves have a smaller hand stall, no heel padding, and the wrist laced on the tightest setting.

Rawlings 300 series HOH and PP have a narrow hand stall.

I think people have been confusing the A1K series with the prospect series. A1K had smaller hand stall and patterns built for the transition in youth Player. A1Ks are getting phased out and replaced with A2000 DPs - same hand stall and patterns as A1K but the upgraded A2000 leather.


The A2000 prospect series was phased out. They replaced it with gloves that have the “Pedroia fit” Smaller opening…tighter across the palm. All of the A1K have it and some models of the A2000 and A2K have the Pedroia fit available. The A1K doesn’t have as good of leather as the A2000 but its still a good glove. It sounds like Rawlings might have something similar like jchap indicated.

The key for any glove is whats comfortable for him. My son didn’t want to change even though he didn’t have a good back up and that is what sent me to look on eBay for an identical glove. If there is a store in your area that sells high end gloves…let him try out the fit on them and see what he likes.


Probably just what he’s comfortable with, my son’s the same way & has to wear an 11.5. I glanced over eBay & looks like very slim pickings now. Normally I look between fall & first of year & there’s an abundance, unfortunately you don’t have that luxury. The Pedroria glove supposedly is a very good glove, have no first hand experience. Should work but it’s a middle infield glove, by HS age best to have a closed web. The one below is similar price and same webbing as my son’s. He prefers it to his Pro Preferred Peavy model.


Thanks. That glove looks like the one he lost, except his had a closed web. Yes, I’ve been on eBay and haven’t seen much either. I did see his exact same glove but it was in really nasty shape … no way he’d go for it!




I am 6’ tall and have a Heart of Hide 11.5 glove. I am a baseball coach. I LOVE THIS GLOVE! I also have Rawlings Sandlot from years ago (which I also love - crazy soft) and I play mostly with the HoH glove now.

The HoH glove breaks in quickly. It is an awesome mitt and they are on SALE with Rawlings as they changed the model from last year. If you can pick up last years model (few cosmetic changes and color options) they are a steal!!


I wore a 11.25 all through high school, played with kids who pitched with a 14 and had a cousin who pitched with a 10…whatever feels good!


Which league allowed a 14" glove?


1A high school school league in the middle of nowhere central Illinois…it was never checked