10yr girl 65lbs 4'7"


Last night we had her clocked with a actual radar gun at 35mph top speed and averages 33 of 10 pitches with 11oz softball. I asking to see where that ranks her in her age group


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Just a short story before I go.

A teammate of mine was dating a woman who coached a girls softball team. The ladies were of college age and I will admit she took some ribbing from his teammates on girls playing baseball. Finally, the lady had it with the jokes and asked the guys who were making fun of girls playing ball, to reserve the field for one of her pitchers. Unbeknown to guys, the softball distance of the pitcher to the plate, is a heck of lot shorter than 60 feet.

So, one after another the guys step in, a young sophomore with a ponytail takes her place… goes into a springing motion stepping towards the plate, then a whirling and a whip release of the softball … and strike one, two, three.

Needless to say, the main course that afternoon was crow… well done, and served up royally.