10YO control issues

Hello, my son will begin his second year of pitching this season. A few weeks ago we began doing some work in the gym. He was really throwing the ball well. The last couple of sessions he has been all over the place. It seems like he is “tossing grenades”. Everything is high-I mean really high. I have noticed in his delivery that there is little to no bend in his throwing arm. it is as if he is throwing straight armed. As a result, the ball comes off high. Any drills or advice would be greatly appreciated. i have also noticed that he falls off to the 1st base side after his delivery(he is RH). Is this in any way possible to the fact that his plant foot is not pointing to the catcher (its almost perpendicular to the line he is throwing on)… I know this is an awful lot, but it seems that he has totally forgotten what we hwve been working on. One more thing… I have noticed the phrase “using the glove hand”. Could someone please explain that to me. Again, thank you for any suggestions/advice.

Well, the appearance of throwing straight-armed could be caused by early shoulder rotation or postural issues. Early shoulder rotation can be caused by postural issues or glove issues. Closing off the front foot too much can make it difficult to get the shoulders squared up to the target which can also lead to postural issues. Basically, these things can all be related. The tough part is figuring out what’s cause and what’s effect.

Can you post some video of your son pitching?

Roger, thank you! I will get some footage up asap. We still have a weekend of basketball left, so I’ll try this weekend. Once again, thank you for your help