10u throws 50f/40c need advice (w/vid)

This is my son, his velocity has seemed to hit a plateau last two seasons, most likely due to the 4-5 feet added each year from mound to plate. He’s 10 (11 end of march); Playing 11u and the mound is 55 feet. YIKES…

Anyway, he’s got solid control and decent movement. ~75% k/b ratio. Change is 10mph less. I think with some tweaking (solid advice) he could start adding to his fast ball, as he starts to get taller.

reg speed - then super slow mo - regular speed - then super slow again. I snapped this video after he finished through about 45 pitches, 1 take, that was it, tried to catch his real motion, not prettying it up for the iphone.


His lunge is controlled but that front hip needs to get going for greater power. Funny, our boys are the same age. We both have boys who are some of the youngest pitchers on their respective teams. So picking up some mph is important to us. Your boy needs to get his hip going for a more powerful lunge. Just be careful, it’s hard for kids to do this and yet maintain good posture. Been going through it this off season.

Any pointers on how to teach the front hip to get going? Does this mean speed up the windup a little? Seprrate the hands a little later after the front hip gets going?

Search YouTube for the “Hershiser drill” to help with “leading with the hip”.

Also, his feet are too wide in his set position. He has to weight shift back towards 2B just to go into knee lift. Narrow up the feet so everything goes forward only. This will help him be more consistent and will make him quicker to the plate to help avoid giving base runners an early jump.

I agree with Roger. And maybe put a little more time on the hand break.

Yep, Hershiser drill, will certainly help, once you feel he has started doing that might work on pulling the glove a little more to allow the right shoulder to get on target more.

Heater22, watch the video of Oswalt pitching on youtube or on this forum a few posts below (thread started by NCCY). Have your son watch his front hip. My 10yo kept wanting to tilt his torso backward with the Hershiser drill.