10u pitching mechanics

benn a few months, been trying to get my son to be more consist w/delivery, during the spring they change his motion to no wind up, looking to go back to wind up for better rhythm, if anyone has any tips, much appreciated…thanks


I would start off with the very beginning which is posture and weight distribution. Your son turns his shoulders. The front shoulder and hip should be directed at the target. The lead leg should go no further back (or pass) his support leg.

Next have your son lift his lead leg and hands at the same time. Have him start at the belly and move his hands to chest height.

Next make sure his entire back foot is against the rubber. At times his toes don’t seem to be against the rubber and other times his back heel is totally of the rubber. Your son needs to push off with the middle of his foot for good leg drive. If he uses his toes to push off he will collapse his back leg.

Get this straighten out first and then I can make more suggestions. Remember everything starts in the beginning. Good luck and I’ll check for future posts.


First off, this kid is 10! Wow, really good size, can’t teach that.

Ok, on to pitching.

The first and only thing I think I would say today is: He needs to have repeatable, consistent mechanics.

Each pitch has things I like and some things that need work, but none of them are consistent. Sometime he has good balance in the post and other times his body is moving fwd/bk/lft/rt. Sometimes he lifts his hands and others he doesnt’. Some times his hips drive a bit but other times not so much. A couple of times he almost got to the end of the mound but most of the time not even close.

What I am trying to say is get him into some consistency, even if it’s a little off and needs adjusting.

Right now just take the rock step, keep it small, balanced all the way to balance point. Get his hands to do the same thing every throw (right or wrong). Then put up some more video and go from there.

thanks for the advice, we have dropped pitching from the wind up all together for no and he’s just pitching from the stretch and did very well this weekend . will get new video in game situation for more analysis when i can


i don’t think that scrapping the windup is necessarily what you need to do, I think using both the windup and stretch is important but repeatable mechanics are more important.

Yeah I’m not going to scrap the wind up all together, i just want him to focus on same mechanics during game situations. once the season ends in about 1 week or so we’ll work on the wind up. right now he’s better out of the stretch…thanks again