10u pitcher advice

I have been working with my son who is 10 as a pitcher for his LL team. I would like to work with him but I am not an experienced coach. I took this video of him at practice tonight and would like to know your thoughts and things I should have him work on. He is still finishing a little closed but not too much.

Your son seems to be inconsistent in the location he plants his front foot as well as the direction his foot points. I would argue that it is likely caused by all of the unnecessary movement at the beginning of his delivery. Specifically, he has a big weight shift towards 2B as he goes into knee lift. This is caused by how far apart his feet are in his set position. Have him set up with his feet no more than arm pit apart and you’ll minimize or eliminate the weight shift.

Also, I wouldn’t get too caught up with having his front foot plant on the white centerline on the portable mound. If you look across MLB pitchers, you’ll find a significant percent who plant to the throwing arm side of the centerline. As long as he is able to maintain a stable posture as he moves down the mound, he should be ok.

I noticed watching the multiple pitches (thanks for posting multiple throws) was that when he comes set his stance is not consistent. Build from the feet up. Make him come set every single time and keep his stance consistent. The problems the previous reply point out are likely because of inconsistency in coming set.

I disagree with the previous reply that a more narrow stance will encourage less movement toward second. His stance isn’t that wide to begin with. He needs to slow down, be consistent with his stance and then work on not collecting his weight over his back foot.

Every time he delivers he needs to simulate his game delivery…I’d disregard this vid completely unless this is “normal” for him…he looks like he’s just rushing through the whole thing and aside from the aerobic workout it 's meaningless. If he does rush like This on the mound…stop him. Make him consciously get himself set to pitch, realize this sort of non serious approach is what can lead to injury in practice…one slip and he can lose a significant portion or all of a season. You are paying for that time MAKE him respect it or don’t let him on.
Once he does that, shoot some vid and we will take a look see :wink:

Also, it’s a balk! You have to come set! :slight_smile:

I would suggest simulating game situation calling balls and strikes and outs and runs. Your son will focus more and have some fun doing it.

He looks great for a 10-year old. Don’t stress it too much. make sure he enjoys baseball vs. feeling pressure to be the best at that age.