10U LHP 5'5" slow motion video: early open, timing issu

He corrected his leading arm problem. I am not sure if he still open early?

This will be interesting to watch the comments on this for me. Your posture at release look great. There is no L on the pitching arm . The ball exposure is a hitters dream. This is caused by no L and bad posture in the rest of the motion.

No L = high ball position?

I was low 3/4, and pitched widely. Balls rotated at 8-2 clock. I was asked to change my arm lot and rotate balls at 6-12 clock. Overhead with high ball is the only arm lot I can pitch accurately.

Can you tell me more on “bad posture in the rest of the motion”?


Lead leg swings past a direct line to the plate and causes the hips to open way early. As for the arm motion, not sure what to say about that. You might be able to throw more strikes, but not sure you will be able to get much velocity. And I agree with titans that the ball is visible to the batter for a long time.

Frame # 107 posture problem . I think and most of the industry doesn’t like a high elbow in the L position or high cocked position. You are engaging your small scapula muscles as opposed to the large ones just below the shoulder . Most pitchers on this site and most pros are just below the shoulder with the elbow in the high cocked position or L position. Injury is a huge problem . As far as timing goes you have no L and your equal and opposites I can’t find it.

muzik & Titans,

thank for your comments. what drill can help me to reduce the long time exposed to the batter?


No 1 thing is arm position through out his delivery. Change it if you want less exposure. Go on one knee and follow the traditional steps for youth pitching and how to throw a ball . I am sure they are on this web site. This will take 2-3 month in the off season of 20 min a day practice . I did this 3 years ago with my son. Then take a look at his motion and ball exposure. With all of this said changing arm slots is a real gray area.


you can see at :42-:43 seconds where his posture doesn’t stay straight, his upper body starts to lean back, I feel that nothing should move at this point just come straight up to the post. Next at :47 seconds you will notice his hips shift out to the his right instead on continuing to move forward and under his body. Some of these things might be able to be corrected by a much more controlled post, there is no reason that the rocking action really needs to be big at all, this action really is just to get a little rhythm.

from :4-:8 my hand move faster than my knee. Do my hand breakup early?


I definately think you could work on breaking your hands later, maybe start by using the hersheiser drill,

, here you can see that the pitchers try and get their hips moving prior to hand break.