102 pitch game, need some info

Tuesday I had a game and I pitched all 7 with 102 pitch count, (Ive had a few of 100-115 pitch games in the past year probably 2-4 games) but back to tuesdays game,I Iced when I got home and took Ibuprofen, can anyone give me any sort of a rest time/regament I should do after a game and the next few days?

Also, the next day after the game my coach had me play short and take cutoffs which involved me throwing the ball to second and third, this caused some uncomforting pain and its not as bad today ( pitched tuesday, practiced wed, now today its not as bad but still theres is pain ), could anyone give me some feedback?

You should do some light aerobic work (jogging, exercise bike, treadmill, etc.) after the performance and the next couple of days. This promotes blood flow that brings nutrients to the arm to help it recover. Eating nutritionally supplies the nutrients.

Regarding next day’s practice, use your own best judgement. If you have muscle soreness, doing some throwing (not pitching) should be ok. If you have pain in a joint, don’t be afraid to let your coach know.