today i pitched 104 pitches in a gane and was wondering what should i do?
i have training tonight but am just doing endurance work?

what should i do in terms of training over the next couple of days?

should i be throwing 100+ pitches?

How old are you ?


el3ctro, we will have our pitchers do an intense leg workout the day after they pitch. This includes shuffles sprints, ball pick-ups, our jump series, and long sprints. They will play light catch before long sprints, and we mix in upper body range of motion exercises before light catch. You can PM me and I’ll send it to you if you’re interested.

The 100 pitch mark is generally alright if all the proper precautions have been met( worked your way up to that, arm is healthy, etc.) I always change a pitch count goal depending on the pitcher. Some guys put a lot of stress on their bodies while others can get through 120 like a walk in the park. Also, take into consideration long innings. If you breeze through the first four innings at 55 pitches, then throw 25 plus the next two innings, that will be tougher than the reverse.

Again, good luck in your season.