100% Deceptive pitch! Should it be legal?

This cracks me up!

I’ve seen this countless times. It is funny. I also believe it is legal!

100% legal I know I can’t do it

lol i love this video. its probably illeagal.

I wanted to take a look at that video, but when I punched it up I saw this warning: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation”. Can any of you describe this pitch? Thanks.

Pitcher goes into a windup, takes a really high leg kick and throws the pitch behind his back for a called strike 3.

Satchel Paige used to do something like that. And there have been a few pitchers with extraordinarily high leg kicks, like Juan Marichal, who would do something like that. I checked the rule book regarding this, and although this way of delivering a pitch is most unusual and perhaps confusing, it is not illegal…not now, anyway. 8)