10 yr old



This is a video of Carter ,10 yr old pitching in his first game of the year. Plays 11u ball and has pitched decently for the last two years. Would like to have some info on where to start making some adjustments as he grows and gets stronger. The head tilt is obvious to me, but otherwise I will need some help. Thanks


Two things stand out that I will mention in a minute. If you pause the video, frame to frame, he has pretty solid mechanics. Does he ever complain of bicep pain? If so, it’s because he isn’t finishing with his arm. It looks like it never really gets straight. The second thing is he is “walking through” his follow through. Look at glove hand pulling through and not staying over his left knee. The push off foot passes across his stride foot. Other than that, he is pretty clean. Keep up the good work.


Thanks , so much. We will work at it and repost some time in the future.


That’s right before releasing. Great equal opposite but doesn’t go to a fix glove after. Just a little tilted with shoulders not horizontal or square. The push leg kick looks like it’s going over a hurddle. We would love to have him on our team. I imagine he does very well. Looks great!!! He looks kinda like my son a little bit. Same stuff we’re working. I saw more things he was doing very well.

Should be some other ideas to help also.


I think he looks great for his age and agree with the points made by the others in this thread. The swinging glove adjustment will improve control. Could practice by tucking the glove throughout his entire motion (during practice) to get over what will feel strange to him (not swinging the glove). Then work in drills with palm toward the catch…rotate towards the chest / arm pit during delivery. Keep it fun. Good stuff!