10 yr old, want some input on his mechanics and thanks

Looking for some input on my sons mechanics. We just got started back on the mound a week ago. Weather hasn’t been so good. He’s been throwing just not on the mound til here. He’s also just moved from 46 to 50 ft this year. Any input would be greatly appreciated. The kid loves to pitch and would like to see him continue to enjoy it.

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One comment I will make - and not just because you could hear the comment in the video about “pulling” - is that your son should get his glove arm extended out front to mirror how the back arm extends back. This is the NPA’s “equal and opposite” teach and it’s one that I really like. The idea is to get equal angles at the elbow. Doesn’t matter which direction the elbows bend - one up and one down, both horizontal, etc. are all ok. But making the glove arm take the time to extend out front has a positive effect on a pitcher’s overall timing.

Your son keeps the glove tucked back by his body which makes the glove arm too quick to do its thing and that can lead to early shoulder rotation. By the way, the teach to pull the glove back also almost always results in early shoulder rotation. Extend the glove out front and leave it there bringing the chest towards the glove.

Also, on some pitches, your son strides to the throwing arm side. Consistency of stride should be a goal but if it turns out he continues to stride to that side, then I would move him to the glove side of the rubber to minimize and posture issues (i.e. leaning to the glove side) he may have when his shoulders attempt to square up to the target.

Might want to go from the stretch & flat ground first, before you get into the full windup & mound. Mound will need to be entered into the equation before he pitches competitively, but until then it’s not going to help his “foundation”.

Balance & strength are the natural deficiencies & challenges for kids his age. The stretch is easire in regards to balance & the mound adds issues to a lessor degree.

Once things get tighter & consistent you can move on to the wind up. My son is a pretty developed pitcher fundamentally as well as results (location & speed)… he will be going from the windup for the first time this year in 12U travel ball.

Roger has forgotten more than I know & posted a key point or two already, but my “eye” doesn’t feel right about two things… he seems to “roll through” his front foot plant. As pointed out you need to stablize & move to the glove with your chest. You also need to plant that front foot & brace into a firm resistance. Somebody help me here but I think the term is “going over the wall vs hitting the wall”? Search those words & I’m sure you’ll get to some some quality reading on that topic (it’ll probably be preceeded by info on Roger’s glove side stabilizing point.

Only other thing i saw was a hitch with his hands as he gets to the peak point of his leg lift. Can’t help but think that offsets balance & kills the energy stored & momentum being sent to the target.

Kid has good hand eye coordination. You came to the right place for info… everything you need is here or one referral away. Have fun & good luck to u and ur son, yall will be sharin some quality times.

I really appreciate your feedback. I see what you mean about the hands. We are working on keeping them still til he breaks. Also working more from the stretch, with him having to hold runners this year. Any other recommendations ?