10 yr old pitch advice

I have been reading posts for a while and it seems like there are a lot of knowledgeable people here.
I was hoping for some advice for my son. He loves to pitch. He doesn’t pitch super fast but has relatively good control. Any advice is appreciated.
Here is a short video:

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Looks really good to me. I would have expected above-average velocity, though, just from his mechanics and that long stride. I think he has good intent and puts the whole body into it pretty effectively. Is he short for his age? If so, that might be a reason his velocity is less than his taller peers.

It seems to me that he isn’t keeping his shoulders totally “closed” at foot plant. If he can keep his shoulders closed longer, he may be able to increase hip-shoulder separation, resulting in more power.

The “Herschiser Drill” is always recommended here for pitchers looking for more velocity…

Keep in mind, I’m one of the noobs.

For the most part, I’d say this guy looks pretty good. Theone thing I notice is that he may be pronating a bit early which can definitely lead to lower velocity. If you are catching him, do most of his balls have a lot of side-spin on them instead of back-spin? If so, then just have him work on his final release so that he is keeping his hand behind the ball longer. One of the best ways to get instant feedback is to mark a line around a ball so that if it has proper back-spin on a 4seam fb you should see the line clearly. If he spins it sideways - you won’t. One of the mental images I have used with my son is for him to pretend that he has paint on the ends of his index and middle fingers and that he needs to brush those fingers on a canvas out in front of him.

Thanks very much for the input - We will try the Herschiser Drill and work on the early pronation.

His arm action is what I see, it is fine from hand break, but then he pretty much brings it to a stop behind his ear and then all arm flow stops and restarts, then he starts looking like a pie thrower (His lower half disconnects at the pause which is why for all the momentum his velo isn’t better). I would suggest backing up a bit and working basic throwing fundementals and see if you can’t add flow and a consistent motion. Regular old knee drill, working to standing and then stuff like toe-taps and step-behinds that work to refine timing.

Thanks for the analysis JD. I was able to search the forum and found descriptions of the drills you suggest and we will try them. So, does that mean that he is getting his hand up too soon? Should he break his hand later or start slower after break?

He seems to que off of almost and infielders throwing profile, the thought you want is smooth constant flow of his arm through release. 3 seconds is really tough to analyze but you can very definately see his arm gets up and in position, hand right next to his ear and then he pauses, in that pause all the good that is going on before hand just stops and really, if you had him throw from the same position with no momentum, my bet is his velo would be the same…and don’t worry about his accuracy dropping a bit as you get him sync’d up, it likely will but once his momentum, body movement and arm action get in tune the accuracy will get much better, his stamina will improve a bunch and that pop will start happening.

I use this vid for drills a lot…you can see how during the session, Rick was working on arm action, fundemental throwing stuff…syncing the motion…several times in this vid it fails but that just is more example of how much work getting mechs is.
Step-behinds is the 3rd drill used.

JD, I think you are definitely onto something with the pause. I talked to my son about it while playing some catch last night and he says he might be waiting for his foot to plant before bringing his arm around. So we’ll be working on those timing drills. Just throwing while concentrating on smooth motion he said he could feel a difference. Thanks alot - I definitely would have never noticed that.

It’s a long and really fun road you two are on, I completely envy you and would give up an eye tooth or two to be able to do it again. :wink:

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I sure appreciated the feedback from my post. I thought I would post a video from his last allstar game. We worked on smoothing out his delivery and trying to stay closed longer. I think we’ve had some success, what do you think. Oh yea - we’ve done the line on the ball thing too.

I didn’t want to lay too much on him. He is pitching effectively and having fun. One thing I think is good is that after these games (9-10 yr olds) in which he is pitching quite a bit more throws (up to 75) than he had the opportunity in majors, his arm has not been sore - just some tightness in the muscle at the back of his shoulder and at his left oblique.

He gets to start tomorrow. Here’s the video – sorrow about the poor camera work:

If you see anything I’d love to here it - otherwise thanks again for your help. One last thing - I do think he is getting a little more velocity on a more consitent basis.

First post here, but I wanted to give my opinion.

I completely agree with the other arm action comments on the first video. He seems to lift the ball up to the high cocked position, and then it pauses for a second which creates a loss of momentum (this pause isn’t as evident on the second video). Keep working on making the arm action one continuous motion. Thinking about breaking the hands later may help naturally force this action to be smoother and quicker (quicker in terms of the speed of the arm, not the timing aspects of the arm action). Attempt to separate the hands by separating the elbows in a quick smooth motion instead of swinging the ball in a circular motion. After the season is over, you may want to work with him to be a little quicker with his delivery so his hand/arm is forced to speed up and doesn’t allow time for the pause.

The other thing I noticed is that he appears to go linear at release. This is more apparent in the original video. The rotation of the shoulders stops a little early and isn’t completing the throw. It looks like he still has momentum carrying him forward that should have gone into rotation around the front leg. The second video looks a little better in that regard, but something still doesn’t look right to me about the way his throwing arm finishes. It almost looks like his arm gets out of the rotational plane of the shoulders too quickly. Again this tells me he is going linear and pushing the ball instead of whipping it. It almost looks like his arm finishes in a manner that is similar to the way many pitchers look when they are doing the old towel drill for extension.

Don’t get me wrong, he does a lot of things well for his age and has improved since that first video. These are just a few things that I would work on.

Hopefully this information helps somewhat. I’m a little rusty because I haven’t worked with many pitchers in the past few years.

Thanks Arm Action,
I went and looked at some videos of his previous game and I think he was finishing better in that game. His leg kick is higher and overall he look more loose. What do you think?
I wonder how much how a child is feeling on a particular day will affect his motion.
Here’s the other video: