10 yr-old natural overhand arm slot

Can someone help me find video clips of overhand pitchers. The only one I know of is Hedeki Okajima. My sons natural arm slot is straight over the top and I don’t have a lot to compare to. I will post some video of him soon. Thanks,

Just curious - how did you conclude your son’s natural slot is over the top.

I don’t know if this is his natural arm slot or if it was learned. He has always pitched like this. I posted a video of him in the pitching mechanics forum titiled Arm Slot We would appreciate any comments or suggestions you have. Thanks.

just look around cuz their isnt a lot. its the most unatural motion. side arm is the most natural but ironically shouldnt be used until the arm is developed

I haven’t posted anything for a year or more. My son is now throwing 3/4 or a little less. We fixed his mechanics stopped pulling his head out and is throwing better than ever. He has a game tommorow maybe I will get a vid of him pitching and post it. Last time there was a huge discussion on that being a proper arm angle. It was not… He was trying to over throw and developed bad mechanics. Once he got square and quit pulling out, his arm slot came down to it’s natural postion.