10 yr old - looking for input

Please give me some feedback as to what you see that my 10 year old should be working on.

We appreciate your input.


  1. Tighten that hat!! :slight_smile:

  2. The biggest thing that stands out to me is how stiff he is on hos follow through. He barely bends his back on his follow through.

  3. He needs to stride sideways much farther. His short stride is why he’s so stiff and isn’t generating any power in his hips and trunk.

Try marking off with tape a distance you’d like to see his stride foot land (something he’s really gotta aim for!) to increase his stride.

We are working on the stride, I guess I should say we are struggling with the stride.

We do appreciate your feedback.

As for the hat, I guess he shouldn’t have gotten that hair cut. lol

Thanks again,

Steve is right. I would certainly consider a) exhale and relax the knees a bit {flexion}before beginning the delivery, b) lengthening the stride a hair (must emphasize “quick arm” when doing so, and c) finishing “flat”, meaning bending the back to allow the large muscle groups to help the small ones (arm) along. Overall, this player has pretty good mechanics for 10 yrs old!