10 YO Pitcher

Is 35-50 with warm ups to many pitches daily for my son. He played all summer and is now in fall league. We have keep it up even after all stars ended, and I want to make sure that its good for him to practice daily. Thanks for your input guys.I am stoked to find this site.

I don’t see any problem with that. 35-50 is fine and basically what I did, too, at that age. I’d just cut back on days when he’s pitching off a mound. Maybe warmup with 20-25 throws and then throw the bullpen. It’s great that he’s so dedicated!!

Maybe I’m misinterpretting you but it sounds like you’re asking is 35-50 pitches each day is ok? If so, then I’d say no. 35-50 throws is ok. But young kids should not pitch every day.

After reading Roger’s post, I realized that I misinterpreted your question, too. Sorry about that. 35-50 throws daily is fine. But I’m with Roger, not 35-50 pitches daily.

Agreed with the posts above. It’s not a good idea to throw that many pitches a day at any age. Throws? sure. Intense pitches, no, not for a 10 year old. Even highly trained big leaguers need days off.