10 YO Justin Pitching Analysis- Updated Video 7/19/16


Looking for some input on my son’s delivery, any improvements that he can make. Sorry for the shaky camera (it was cold).


I think his balance could be improved with better front leg plant.If you are catching for him, from that perspective, his knee should be in a vertical line over his ankle. Currently his knee is to the 3rd base side of his ankle. He will be using a lot more energy balancing himself that could be put into the pitch. Also, he’s landing to the 3rd base side instead of following through to the 1st base side, which would be natural for a right handed pitcher. Both of these things indicate that he’s using a lot of energy in directions away from the target line.

There are other things, but I’d like to see what he looks like once he gets his balance corrected. Have him do rocker drills and side hops, etc.


Thanks for the input! We’ll start working on the things you mentioned. I’ll post a newer video once he gets those down.


I agree with Coach and will add he needs to land with his front foot pointed at the plate and with a firm front leg (doesn’t need to be stiff, but shouldn’t give with the transfer of weight forward.).


An Alex Lifeson fan by chance?


Most certainly. Most underrated guitarist there is.


I have him up a bit taller than last video. Still working on keeping the left knee over his foot.


Still has lower body moving starboard and upper body to port. He needs to be shifting his weight down the target line. His lower body seems weak because every joint is bent at 90. He has no stability like the scarecrow from the wizard of Oz. He should work on lunges in all directions do a ton of squats and squat jumps, and utilize the rocker drill. Lower body strength should be a focus. An observation is that he doesn’t look comfortable.


Agree with CoachPaul. Also, why is his front foot so closed?? That severe angle is going to hurt his ability both to open his hips and brace properly.


At any rate, his delivery looks like he’s being controlled by a novice marionette artist. He’s all out of sync and has no flow. I’d see video of what happens when he’s simply throwing instead of pitching and see what we have to work with when he’s not "trying ".