10 yo attitude

Hello everyone,

My son is a good ballplayer who does a little of everything. This year as a 10 he played up in the 12u Majors division. He had a great season, played 2nd, pitched a little, and hit well. For the 3rd year straight he was asked to be on the All-Star team. Last year we declined but this year accepted. So far it has not gone well. He seems lost, stand-offish, lazy. It is like his entire attitude has changed. He’s usually the hardest working one out there. He’s playing well but seems to just be there, not enjoying it as much. I’m trying to keep him upbeat but am getting frustrated myself. He just doesn’t seem to be the same kid. Anybody else experience this or any pointers?

All I can say is give it some time, there are those days where baseball just isn’t of great interest.

Well you son is so much depressed for his failure. i guess you should make him go out of plying for some time this would make him relax and after sometime make him practice harder as your son can not stay with it…
The best solution would be consult a psychiatrist…

Playing well doesn’t mean that he fits in well with the team. Since he is playing up 2 age groups he probably has very little in common with the other players. No matter how he plays, the personal relations need time, find a team he can play with until he goes into highschool, one that he can enjoy the relationships he builds as well as the success he has on the field.