10 year old wanting advice

Can someone please look at my videos and give me advice on what I am doing right or wrong? Please tell me what I need to work on. I am 10 years old and have been clocked with consistent strikes at 55-60 mph. I topped out at 62 mph. I can only pitch 3 innings a game because I’m in PONY league Mustang division. But last year when I was 9 and so far this year, I am the starting pitcher. My coach last year told me that out of 18 games, I threw 15 games with all 3 innings being no-hitters. We start season this week and I pitched in 3 scrimmages the same way. I just want to get better and improve any way I can.

I know that sometimes I don’t lift my leg straight up and my foot kicks back a little but I am working on that one. I also think that I need to keep my hips closed longer. Does anyone have any drills or advice on how to correct this?

And before anyone asks about the double rubber on the mound. It was at the little league field and softball and baseball share the same field. It is hard for me to step over the front rubber without worrying about twisting my ankle so I just used the front one. One reason that I play PONY league.

Thank you in for your help.
Please let me know if these links don’t work.

[/youtube] :smiley:

I wasn’t throwing as hard as I could in these videos because of the mound that I was on. The speeds listed was clocked at several of the local college camps that I attended which I’ve been going to for the last 3 years. And one of the high school coaches that was at a few of my games.

I’d like any advice that you have.

Thank you!

Your doing great.
You keep going to those camps and clinics…obviously you play travel ball so make sure your careful about getting rest. The only comment I’d have would be the glove hand shouldn’t automtically tuck, but you just keep up with what you are doing, for a 10 yr old you’ve got pretty darn good mechs.

Totally agree with JD - very nice delivery. Smooth. Powerful. He’s throwing with mechanics well beyond his age. The biggest thing will be to resist the urge to throw a breaking ball. Keep throwing that FB (and a change) and he’s on his way to being a 90 mph guy in high school/college is he stays healthy and remains dedicated. Well done!

I’m darn impressed with the composition of that post being ten and all.

And then you run into a kid like Kevinbert who will no doubt win a Pulitzer before he’s 20. Perhaps some ghostwriting by that catcher :bigtup: …enlightened dictation…parental translation? :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: as long as the message gets through. :smiley:

And then you run into a kid like Kevinbert who will no doubt win a Pulitzer before he’s 20.[/quote]

If I were a bettin’ man, I’d put up big money on this too! Kev is one heck of a writer and mature beyond his age. I was still pickin my nose at 13-14. lol :bigb:

Looks really, really good. I’m impressed. Not wanting to tinker with small mechanical items at this point, given how good he looks, I’d like to suggest that you simply think about moving the side of the front hip at the target harder and longer. That’s all. Just move sideways with the hip more aggressively. Don’t mess with mechanics too much right now.

Good job.

Thank you everyone for your positive feedback. I will definitely work on the things that were mentioned. I work hard on my baseball skills. Baseball is my only love.

Mr. Ellis, I try to take care of my body. My dad bought me “The Pitching Manual”. I read it and do those exercises everyday. The college pitching coach also suggested last year that I work on long toss and use Jaegar bands. I do those several times a week and always do long toss and J-bands before every practice and game. I get strange looks from kids my age and adults but I still do them because I know that I will get better and have less injuries. While my team mates are goofing around and hitting each other, I am the one who is stretching and trying to mentally prepare myself for games. Coaches from my league tell my dad that I am different and keep asking why I do those things. I do them because that is what I learned. I have been bat boy for a local university for the past 2 years. I hang out with the team when I am there. The coaches and team members teach me a lot.

jd - I go to as many camps and clincs as I can. I only wish I could play travel ball. My age group doesn’t have it and because of my age they won’t let me move up to the older division. We only play 18 games during the season and then tournaments. Although if kids keep complaining that I throw too hard, my coach said they might have to move me up.

Oh, I might only be 10 but I am a 4.0 student and take several gifted classes. This year I have entered speech contests and won 1st and 2nd place in district and region. I am getting ready to compete at state level soon. My mom looked over my post for spelling errors but didn’t correct anything else. My teachers always comment that I speak and write on an above average level and they don’t have to break everything down for me like a lot of kids.

Thanks everyone! Keep the good/bad comments coming. I am training to be mentally tough so I can take it. I work hard and put 100% into everythng I do.
Never underestimate a kid no matter how old!


See Some…KevinBert Jr. :lol:
Kids just kick my butt :smiley:

No need to rush…You will at some point. You just keep working on it all and having fun…My son didn’t do travelball until he was 17…and he still had all kinds of fun and great baseball experiences…and he went to all kinds of camps and clinics too (Heck it’s where he met a whole bunch of pros).

Well if baseball doesn’t work out he’s got options, nothing wrong with that…

how about his stride???