10 year old starting to pitch

my brother is 10 year old and he just started to play league ball this year. he likes to be in the infield shortstop 3 base but he started to like pitching especially since he’s pretty much the most consistent on his team so that kind of gave him some kind of interest. i like it since i am/was a pitcher too. the problem is that i dont want him to ruin his arm and 10 year old is pretty young to pitch under an uneducated coach that don’t know a thing about pitching. the first game of the year she made him pitch 4 innings in which i dont know how many pitches he threw but it was obviously way too much. then for the fifth inning she tried 3 other pitchers but they couldnt get anybody out so she went back with him again. i was disgusted and though he wasnt going to pitch tyhe next game but i was wrong. 3 innings that went way better then the first 4 but still i believe its way too much plus he said he was feeling discomfort in his pitching shoulder i want to help him with all the pitching stuffs but at the same time i know if you get too technic with a kid he looses interest. i will make sure he doesn’t throw next game but i would like to know if you guys have anything that could help i know there is sometimes topic about this kind of stuffs and i’ll go take a look too.

Yea just talk to him see how he feels. My brothers 9 turning 10 and he pitches every game but they’re limited to 3 innings. They don’t really play every other day or anything so theres quite a bit of wait time and he says he’s fine it’s just the way he is his arm lasts quite a while and he usually ends up stirking most of the players out today he pitched 3 inning with 6 k’s 2 hits and no walks. His arm hasnet bothered him



Two resources that your coach needs to see. Copy them and hand them to her. Be nice, though. Do it in a helpful way. Explain that most youth organizations are going to pitch count rules instead of innings.

BTW - of course his arm is sore, and he needs to rest it. Youth baseball should be about the kids, not winning!