10 Year old pitching (slowed down)

Hey all.
looking for some tips for my 10 old son, not the best shot , (wife) I slowed down to help with the breakdown…thanks in advance.

Couple of things I could recomend:

  1. More hip drive, look at Hersheiser drill on youtube, that is a great way to work on it

  2. Longer Stride, it looks as though he really is cutting off the distance he travels prior to release. The drill above can improve the stride right away.

  3. The first pitch looks great, good post, nice release, good glove side, good deceleration of the arm with the leg coming up and over, hand ending up just above the left knee and flat back.

These good things aren’t always true farther into the video, sometime the glove side is weaker than the first, sometime the back isn’t flat and sometimes the leg doesn’t come over the same. Take that first pitch and use it as a pattern for his mechanics, repeatable mechanics is so important!

Good Luck!

thanks for the tips. I saw the Herisher drill and was thinking that might help. As for the stride i almost think he’s stride is too long at times, i read its suppose to be around 80% of his height, he’s tall for his age 5"4 which translate to about 52 inches i do believe for the stride…

Stride should be 100% of height, or more, I disagree but every pitcher has his own style. My thought is the closer you get to home, the quicker the batter needs to be and the easier you can locate your pitches.