10 Year Old Pitching Mechanics 2 Views Front and Side

Any suggestions ?
He has good control and his velocity is good around 64-68mph

He throw 2 seam and 4 seam fastballs with some movement on both sides of the plate and has also begun to develop a circle change but is having trouble locating.

Any suggestions on mechanics would be appreciated.

Looks really great for 10U, velocity looks good and mechanics seem to be repeatable. I don’t know if you noticed he got away with the balk at 1:14-1:15. I like the idea of a changeup but his hand might be too small for a circle change, how about a palm ball or a straight change for right now? Keep working location on his fastball, this will be invaluable later on in his pitching. I could see him working a bit more on getting a flat back at the end on his delivery

Not to disagree with you, but I dont really think that his velocity is 64-68, I would assume that the distance is 46 feet or maybe 50 feet, I would imagine he is around 55-60 mph based on this distance, time to the plate and the trajectory of the pitches. This is a very good velocity for 10u and I wouldn’t be concerned, this still puts him at close to 80mph as he enters HS if he adds 5mph each year.

He looks really good.

I am just learning myself so take it for what its worth. The stride foot is pretty opened out of the windup when he plants it (pointing towards 1st base line). From the stretch it seems more closed.