10 Year Old Pitching in Little League All Stars

Hi. My 10 year old son pitched in the 9/10 Little League All Stars District Tournament the other day. He was the starting pitcher and went into the 5th inning, getting the win against the only unbeaten team. His first All Stars win!

Here are videos of a sampling of 7 pitches, some strikes and some balls. Not the ideal angle for evaluation purposes, I know, but it’s as close as I could get to him.

I see that his stride leg collapses too much on some pitches. What else do you see? Any drills he can work on?

Thank you all.

[videos removed]

For a Little League player his mechanics are actually pretty good. Some little league players have horrendous mechanics.

Gschmidt247, appreciate your advice. Wish more had commented. Are there other pitching sites to post my son’s videos where people will comment? I thought my son’s game videos would get more comments. I read here how on-the-mound game videos are best. Maybe this site is not too active???

No, sometimes it takes more than a day to analyze video, sometimes as in on a Saturday, folks are living life…sorry you felt that meant you had to take the videos down. No one here is paid so if you don’t get immediacy I wouldn’t take it as anything other than just not having been commented on yet…rarely is a video completely ignored…I aplogize that we couldn’t meet your standards.
Other sites may or may not comment immediately, try Baseball Fever or High School Baseball Web, they aren’t paid either so you may have to get all put out cuz they don’t snap too either.

And if you want to PAY someone to actually take time out of their day and care enough to try to help, try 3P’s of course they may not snap to as quickly as you need either…

jd from fla -

Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to convey any criticizm of this website at all. Everything I’ve heard about it and seen so far looks great. I just saw so many “views” of this thread with no comment on my videos other than Gschmidt’s so I figured that was it. I don’t like putting my son’s videos on the Internet to begin with, so if there is no or little response I pull them. Maybe I should put them back up?

Sure…we try to look…most times we do it sooner than later. It is a safe site and I’ve posted my sons stuff here without issue for years…and all of it still here.

OK. Will put them back up in a few minutes. May start new thread and you can delete this one. :slight_smile: