10 year old pitcher

My son has a problem with keeping his shoulders level when delivering the ball. His stride is a little short. I havent figured how to upload my videos yet. What can I do to keep his shoulders level?[wmp][/wmp]

I’m not sure if this will help, but my oldest son (12) is not considered much of an athlete, and has to work for everything he gets athletic-wise. Anyways, I have him start by first standing with his chest facing third. His feet are slightly greater than his shoulders width apart, and opened about four to six inches (size 12 shoes, so his feet offset is greater than the average 12 YO). This keeps his shoulders closed from the batters perspective and his body aligned towards home. Then, once his body is aligned , he looks to home moving his head only (and not his shoulders). Then a quick look to third, bring the glove up near his chest, take another look at home (again, head only), bring his left knee up towards his chest, pause for a second to gain his balance and look at the catcher, and finally follow through with his deliver with his legs, body and arms all going towards the plate. The last step is to make sure his deliver foot is pointed towards the plate. When he does these steps, he’s throwing in the mid 60s for strikes. Otherwise, it’s batter beware! Although this may not be what a pitching coach would advise an “athlete,” it has directed my son to be able to pitch effectively.

At 46’ away, his not-to-pretty-all-arm-and-leg approach can be scary for a Little Leaguer.

I figured out how to post the video. Please give me feedback. What problems do you see and how would you correct them?

See jdfromfla’s post. His advice is an excellent starting point for your son.

Thankyou you for your advice. I picked a bad video to post. You rely summed it up for me… Back to point,step,throw. So frustrating though!!! I put more time in with my son then anybody I know and it rely sucks to know we have to go back to that. I love this website! The metro coach has a radar gun and clocked him at 55 m.p.h at 10 years old. I think he’s barking up the wrong tree! I guess it’s up to me to teach him it doesnt mean a thing unless it’s a strike. this is a video of the all star game last year. He was 9.

Don’t get frustrated Doc, he will have his ups and downs. After a lay off he’s going to get rusty and with the fact that he is nowhere near puberty, he’ll continue to change in his approach as he gets older, his activity levels outside of the game will change and so will his athleticism. This is why I pushed fundementals at you, the more sound he is the easier it will be to regain that success level you’ve seen him acheive. I’m going to drop a vid of my son working some drills with his pitching coach. The vids may have some drills that are a bit above your son right now, but will give you some form and fundemental work you can do with him.
Let me tell you…channel that frustration or it’ll do you harm…he’s 10 right now, you both are going to have success and set back to deal with…make it as fun as possible…I’ve been there I can tell you it is much easier when you accept that things will be difficult occasionally, in stride.

Notice where his glove side hand is and his lead foot where it lands and where Rick works with him to have it land