10 year old pitcher feedback?

Hi guys this is our my first post here… my son is 10 and plays on an 11u team. He does not have alot of velocity but his accuracy is there. Last season he had 25 ip, 38k, with 8BB. Can you please give some feedback so we can help him to improve as he is playing with kids that seem to be maturing rapidly these days. Haha


Looked awesome all the way to here. This was just after foot strike fixed glove. But before release. Facing first not target and shoulders blown out. Same problem we and probably almost all kids his age. I thought it looked great up till there. I’m sure he needs more hip and shoulder separation as all kids do. That’s what will get him the velocity and take pressure off arm joints. He’s young and you can help him plus your here. Check our log out also to see how where working on fixing things. The more knowledgable will help. Plus read as many older post as possible good info on this site.

Thanks… I can agree with that. We made the video to be able to see the intricate parts of the pitch and fix what is broken. Thank you very much for your feedback!

I hear ya. Video has been an amazing tool for us. Just started using it. when you slow it down it frame by frame it shows a lot. Basically we’re working on the same stuff you are. Several other on here also. He really looks good. Facing some older competition and that’s good. Expierence.