10 year old lefty

My son’s been pitching for about 2 years now and I would like some options on his progression.

[quote=“shanghai”]My son’s been pitching for about 2 years now and I would like some options on his progession.


He does a lot correctly IMO. If it was me, and I was coaching him, I’d really stress trying to get his front hip getting moving in a line toward home plate as soon as he picks his foot up to kick, instead of having it move backward then forward. You want to create as much early momentum in the delivery as you can, and that’s a big way to generate more velocity, and allow the body to follow along better. I teach that your spine is like a tetherball pole, and you want it moving straight toward home plate as soon as you start your kick. The rest of your hips/shoulders/arm all move around that tetherball pole, but you never want that pole to be going anywhere but directly to home plate.

On that note as well, you want to delay the opening of your front foot as late as possible, so you’re delaying the firing of your hips, and making that a more explosive movement. His lead foot is opening fairly early.

All in all though, he has great control of his head and frame. Does a lot correctly, he’s obviously been well coached to this point.

The back and fourth is what were working on currently. He’s putting to much weigh forward. But I don’t see the opening up too soon that you’re talking about. Can you give me a little more information as what I should be looking at.

Have him start with his feet closer together- inside the width of his shoulders. This will prevent his center of gravity from shifting away from the target at leg lift. From this position he should be able to begin movement toward the target before top of leg lift.

What do you mean by he’s putting too much weight forward? It appears to me he’s slowing his kinetic energy dramatically by going back, then forward. What I’m talking about for opening his front foot too early is that you want to see a pitcher keep that front foot closed while he strides to home plate for as long as possible. Basically from the side view it should be pointing directly at the camera or even back toward RF. That keeps his hips closed longer, and creates more snap when he does trigger off of that back foot. It’s like a rubber band twisting tighter to generate more torque. If I knew how to imbed a YouTube I would, but search for Randy Johnson, or Roger Clemens, and watch how far forward their stride foot gets before that front foot opens, and watch how explosive that front foot is when it opens. It isn’t a slow leak open throughout the kick. It’s an explosive movement done at he end of the stride. That generates more torque, which in return generates more velocity.

What I mean is that he’s standing a little too wide. So when he picks up his leg he rocks back and forth.