10 year old, Comments on mechanics please

Here is a couple videos of my 10 year old son. Any comments or suggestions would be great.

He tends to miss alot to the inside of RH batters.

Thanks again.

(Front View) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r-2h40BY8k

(Side View) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izc7wD3x0vw

he doesnt look all that enthusiastic

and i see many problems with his mechanics… just i dont have time to write them all… im leavin for a game in 5 mins

Thanks Pheen, I hope to hear back on what his problems are.

Anyone else see things we should work on?

well, for starters, he doesn’t get his hips going toward the target soon enough… dont worry, this is done by many people - especially young ones

u should have the hips going forward from the moment he starts his leg lift… starting the hips sooner will create momentum which in turn will increase velocity

from the side, his stride looks quite short… maybe 65% or so… this will increase with the hips getting going sooner

he looks to be staying over the backleg too long whcich causes him to lean back during the stride which de-stablizes the body

try to get him to shift his centre of gravity more towards his front foot - keep it balanced throughout the delivery

if he feels he has to ‘rush’ his delivery when getting his hips going sooner get him to push off his back foot when about to set his front foot down rather than just have it drag along

hope all goes well

Thanks, that was one thing we were working on early this year before his season started. It looks like we need some more work on it.

he needs to get his elbow at shoulder level

Any good drills for getting your elbow up.

Stride side…rotate late…
IMHO he opens up his hips and shoulders too early. He should stride towards the plate sideways and rotate just before his foot lands. As it is he opens up, or rotates, as soon as his momentum is directed to the plate. Fix that first, IMHO.

Then fix the arm position. it’s too low…

On the good side, he appears to have a straight stride, a consistent arm slot and good balance. These are all things that form a basis from which to work.



Thanks for the reply.

I agree with the opening too soon.

I agree with the others’ comments about your son not getting his hips moving forward soon enough. His knee goes up, it comes down, it extends out front, and then his hips start forward. I feel this also leads to the hips opening up early as someone else pointed out.

I would work towards a goal of having his hips start forward slightly before the peak of his knee lift. But you might start with an intermediate goal of having him start his hips forward at the peak of the knee lift. Make sure he doesn’t sacrifice the height of his knee lift. He’ll no doubt feel like he’s going to fall down at first but with practice he’ll overcome this.

I’d also have him do is start in a more athletic stance by bending the knees a bit and bending forward at the waist. If you watch the video from the front, you can see he starts very upright and then shifts into a stronger posture as he strides. He’s basically adjusting to a posture that he has the strength to support through his delivery. But it also represents unnecessary side-to-side movement early in the delivery.

Finally, I think he needs to work on stabilizing he glove in front of him instead of letting it swing out to the side.

Thanks Roger.

This will give us something to work on this offseason.