10 year old batting

Please take a look and I am looking for feedback on my son’s mechanics.

Just ran across your post and thought I’d throw in my two cents worth. Mechanically speaking he looks pretty good. Is he having any particular issues? The only critique I would make would be that he tends to start his swing with his hands raher than with his hips. His hips, while they look good at the end, just sort of come along for the ride rather than helping him produce power. Other than that, it looks like he does some really good stuff with his upper body.

Thanks for the feedback. He has two minor challenges we have been struggling with. Sometimes he is not firming up the front side well and the other is his “Power V” after contact is not always right back at the pitcher. The “Power V” will be a bit low, so he has been working on the two things.
Yes I agree that he is starting the swing a bit with his hands a bit. I have been teaching him swing from the ground up, so start the swing with “foot, knee, hips then hands”.