10 y/o pitching video, please comment on mechanics

Here are a few short videos from my sons pitching at LL all stars. he’s 10 yrs old 5’6" & 145lbs. Big boy, he has played LL for 6 yrs and travel ball for 1 yr/ Has just really started pitching in the last 2 years. Any comments are appreciated http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5LXoVhDGFo [/youtube]
the 2nd pitch is a change up (i think)

thanks for your help

looks good id try raising his leg a little more not too much just a little after that fire his hips towards home plate.

I might also suggest u can do this anywhere measure his height from the rubber on the mound to where he steps put tape down to where his head is then try making him throw striding out to the tape should increase velocity!

hope this helps!!!

Thanks for your advise, I do agree we should work on his stride length. When you say “fire his hips towards home plate.” do you think he is staying closed all together or too long. thanks again all comments are welcome.

he looks to be opening too soon

It looks like he has a really short arm action.

Also, what in gods name have you been feeding your child?

He eats whatever he wants, there is alot of height in our family. Thanks for the continued comments, is the short arm action you refer to mean he needs to reach for the plate more? could you, or anyone comment on this. with a cheap gun (a coach had) read that his fastball is about 57-59mph and his chang is about 8-10mph slower.

thanks again

It kinda looks like he is throwing a football he is shorting his arm up a bit and his stride. all he really has to do it lift his leg a little more. here is an example of wat his arm should look like and as u can see from the video u presented ur son is only pulling back halfway then firing (shorting his arm).

here is a picture of pedro Martinez as u can see his throwing arm is way back.

see how high his leg is

see how far he pushes off the rubber that will increase ur speed by a lot

Hope this helps need anymore questions just ask


Yep, you definitely got a big boy there. I’d guess that his strength and coordination have yet to catch up with his frame. That will come in time. But, be aware that these defficiencies will limit what he is able to do so you need to set your expectations accordingly (I’m not implying that you haven’t).

That said, I would focus on a few basic things that will form a solid foundation to build on.

First, I would minimize head movement. He tilts his head to the side and such a posture change can affect performance and health. Get him to keep his head upright and to take his head straight to the target. I’ve told my pitchers to imagine their heads being bowling balls rolling down the gutter - they only go in one direction.

Next, I would focus on his glove. He drops the glove and that can also affect performance and health. As he strides and extends the glove out front, get him to keep it out there. As the shoulders rotate, the glove elbow will drop and the glove will turn over. But it should stay out front and the chest should move to the glove. Stabilizing the glove out front will help his consistency and it will enhance his timing for when he is better able to perform more advanced mechanics down the road.

He does need a higher knee lift, more momentum and a longer stride. But he may not have the core strength right now to stabilize his posture while doing these things. So I would work on the items I described above first and then start to work on these.

Roger & everyone else, thanks so much for the recomendations. I do like the head & glove side recomondations & that will be the 1st things we work on. I also agree with everyone else that we can slowly work over time on the longer stride, exploding hips & higher leg lift. I also agree that the “basics” need to fine tuned in order for the rest to come together over time. (like the next 5+ years) Any other suggestions are welcome & I will try to get better video coverage & quality next time.

Thanks again