10 U dragging arm


My son drags his arm a lot and drops his elbow, cause a lot of high inside pitches. I can see that he does this but would love a good drill to help him feel the right arm slot. Anyone got anything?


A dragging arm is a symptom of some other problem that causes early shoulder rotation and the dragging - or late - arm. Look for posture issues or glove issues (dropping, pulling back or flying open).

Make sure your son keeps his head upright through his delivery. Also make sure he gets his glove arm into an “equal and opposite” position with respect to his throwing arm and is there as close to front foot plant as possible. Adjust the glove arm to match the throwing arm - do not alter the throwing arm.


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Have him try this. Get to “equal and opposite” (stride has already happened, glove hand and throwing hand are in equal and opposite positions). Have him rotate his hips, but stay in the equal and opposite position. This is the starting point. Weight should be evenly balanced between front and back foot.

Have him throw from his low elbow position. He may try to tell you that he doesn’t throw like that normally. Have video to prove he does!

Have him reset to starting position, raise his elbow to the correct position and have him throw again. Ask which one felt like he threw harder. Hopefully, he picks the second one!

Have him throw 5-10 with the correct elbow level and then start working back through the pitching chain making sure his elbow is coming through correctly. Once you come to a spot in the chain where he is having trouble adjusting - stay there and work it out. It might take 10-20 pitches or it may take 100 or more. The key is - don’t push him beyond what he can do. He’s got to be able to feel it throughout the entire chain or it’s all a waste of time.

Good luck.