08 summer season

We’ve played 4 games so far(late start, coach moved to okotoks and left us frigged over)
Since i just got a new computer i’ll gibve you guys a run down of the past few weeks.

Our first game against Elk Point I pitched the 3rd adn 4th with 7 ks, a few wild pitches some walks and no hits. I finished the game at second base making two nice plays, i had a 2 rbi double off the fence opposite way and then a looping single off the hands. Was a very close game till the 6th when coach put in a weak pitcher who got chased before getting an out.

2nd game i played short the entire game, made 1 error but its the first game at short i’ve ever played. Coach is moving me there because i don’t “think” from there and just throw, and because i have a good arm and good range.

This weekend we had our first provincial round robin weekend and we played 2 games.
First game against powerhouse Grande Prairie who went 8-0 first round. They pitched a sick knuckler who we couldnt hit off of, but we should of taken him to town. We started our ace Jared who went 6 and 1/3rd, probably thworing high 70’s maybe touching 80 first couple innings, was just unhittable against the best hitting team in the province. Due to Alberta’s lame pitch count we had to pull him but his last batter he probably was pushing 85, was just throwing gas. Our coach made some bonehead decisions, and put in a pitcher that couldnt get out of hte inning again. They put a terrible pithcer to close it out but it was the bottom of the lineup so he breezed through it.

Brutal coaching decisions really cost us. Our coach is all itno fair play since our midget AA team only has 3 second year midgets, the rest are 2nd year bantam or first year midget so he thinks its jsut a developmental season even though we have a bantam throwing mid to high 70’s and the best first years by far and we could be a top team, but whatever.

I played an OK game at short. I walked, sac bunt, and hit a single.

Next game was sherwood park and was brutal, worst game of my life, 4 errors, struckout twice and walked. We just fell apart and everyone felt like killing our coach, just was bad. They had a few dicks on there team and i nearly got tossed, i let my hockey-player emotions get away from me.

My goals for the season is to get picked up by one of the two western teams(okotoks, which i maybe have a shot since the guy who is coaching was the midget coach here last year and was in love with my play as a bantam), to hit atleast 1 dinger, which is a feat for me since imlike 5 foot 10 and half and 135. I would like to make team alberta but i need to go to the rawlings cup which i don’t have a team for, and i’d like to hit over .500.

Pitched on thursday night against Elk Point. In the pen I threw bullets, my control was onmy curveball was sharp but it fell apart when i went to the game. It was a shallow mound and i had trouble getting over my leg.
The first inning i really heated up halway through and probably touched around 75/76 then the rest was pretyt bad and probably dropped down to 68. I was just having a rough day. 3 innings 2 earned runs like 5 walks, 3 hit batters, 2 SO, and a couple errors behind me, and i had a guy picked off then threw it into the stands and he scored.

Today we played a team who has done very well previously from Edmonton. I started at short, batted in the 6 spot and took hte first pitch i got off the fence, mad esome great plays at short stop and was very solid, probably the best game yet this season except i only went 1 for 3. I was simply too far ahead of their pitcher, i’ve been working on my bat speed and it showed. We were up 2-1 till the sixth and we had to yank our starter who had pitched unreal and we put in some shoddy relief that got rocked

Alright, our team is the laughingstock of AA. We lost 18-0 and 24-4 sunday. We have no pitching, only two guys who ever hit the ball, and our average age is like 14 and a half. we should of never lost the games so bad but our coach puts in our weakest pitchers if we ever get in a hole then we get owned. With our actual coach we do decent but when hes gone and the assistants take over we get rolled.

We are dropping down to tier 3 AA and we’ll still probably get hammeredd but I guess my goal now is to mash their pitching and get picked up for tier 2 or 1 provincials