07 Pitching Milestones...and some others

I would like to congratulate Bobby Cox on his 132nd Major League ejection. He now holds the record after passing McGraw on the All-Time list. To me this is more exciting than Bonds.

A couple milestones I can think of are:

Bonds home run record :roll:
Cox 132nd ejection 8)
Glavines 300th W :stuck_out_tongue:
Biggios 3000th Hit :!:
Trevor Hoffman 500th SV :o
Sammy Sosa 600th HR :slight_smile:
Frank Thomas 500th HR :wink:
A-rod 500th HR :x
Roger Clemens 350th W :shock:

John Smoltz 200th W
Roy Halladay 100th W
Mark Buehrle 100th W
Ryan Howard 100th HR << fastest to reach 100 :shock:
Placido Polanco 144 Errorless games
Ichiro 1st inside the park HR during the All-Star game
Troy Tulowitzki 13th player to turn an unassisted triple play
Chone Figgins and Willie Harris go 6-6
Figgins first to go 6-6 win a walk-off hit in a 9in. game
Harris fourth to go 6-6 with 6 RBI (since 1950) and 2 triples

Team Milestones:

The Philies getting their 10,000th Team Loss
Cubs getting their 10,000th Team Win
Red Sox going back-back-back-back (tieing most consectutive HR’s) 8) :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
A.L beats N.L in All-Star game to tie longest unbeaten streak (11)

POSSIBLE Milestones:

Pedro MArtinez 2998 Strikeouts (2 more till 3000)
Ken Griffey Jr. 590 HR’s (10 away from 600)
Jim Thome 490 (10 away from 500)
Manny Ramirez 489 (11 away from 500)
Bonds 2919 hits (81 away from 3000) :?:

Unlikely to reach in 2007:

Garry Sheffield 478 HRs ( 22 away from 500)
Manny Ramirez 20 Grand Slams (3 more to tie Lou Gehrig 4 to pass)
Roger Clemens 11W away from tieing Warren Spahn with 363W
Randy Johnson 16W away from 300W

If you guys think of anymore tell me and I’ll add them.
What do you guys think was the best?

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